Merging Augmented Open World with Real-time Strategy


Clash & GO is a blockchain-powered mobile game that combines several genres: a geolocation game in augmented reality (AR), and a city-building strategy game with real-time battles. By means of the CGO token created by Elyland, players will be able to manipulate the fusion of the virtual world with the real world.

About game

Blockchain is the reliable mechanical engine for the project, while AR is its living, beating heart. Smart contracts provide the highest level of security and transparency for transactions, while AR is a fundamental concept of the whole project. Working in symbiosis for the first time, these revolutionary technologies complement and supplement each other. Blockchain and AR together give players the opportunity to influence gameplay and transform the game world.

Clash & Go goes far beyond what is normally found in mobile games. In traditional city-building and tower defense games, gameplay is constrained by the edges of the smartphone’s screen. But in Clash & GO, users play on streets, in courtyards, and in city parks! Friends and neighbors become rivals or companions in the struggle for crucial game landmarks. Each of these landmarks is represented by real buildings and cultural monuments that can be found, seen and even touched in the real world.

Controlling these landmarks generates an inflow of tokens. The more landmarks the player controls, the richer they become...literally, because CGO tokens will be tradeable on the exchanges, which will make it possible to convert them into ETH and BTC, and therefore into real money! This means there will be some serious battles for control over the landmarks, and entire communities of players will unite and fight for real spheres of influence. Clash & GO marks a new stage in the evolution of games, merging the real world with the virtual one into a single game space.

Imagine a player enjoying their morning coffee, calculating the resources they’ve earned overnight — resources that they can soon convert into freely exchangeable tokens ... Suddenly, their best mine is under enemy attack! This mine also happens to be located in the library, at a distance of fifteen kilometers through thick traffic jams! Clash & GO guarantees a thrilling and exciting gameplay.

Clash & GO blurs the line between reality and the virtual world. For the first time in the history of games, the virtual world doesn’t just complement the real world, but goes deeper by merging with it. Finally, players will get the opportunity to reshape the environment at their own discretion, influence the game in real time, get acquainted, create alliances, communicate and cooperate with each other. All this for a simple and clear goal - your cryptocapital in CGO tokens. Live and make a living playing the game. Play and provide for yourself in real life. Clash & GO not only opens up new horizons for players and crypto enthusiasts, but also sets new standards for the whole industry.

The release of the game is scheduled for summer 2018. Stay tuned!