the arena is waiting for its hero

Fight for gold and glory!

Golden Rush is a new kind of strategy online battle arena (MOBA) with four teams engaged in furious battle over lots of gold. Each team consists of several heroes, each with unique magical and fighting skills, and united by one goal – the quest for great treasure.

On the interactive battle arena, players annihilate monsters in hundreds, and fight other heroes in epic PvP battles to gain gold and glory. The game is based on the Unity platform, allowing to be easily launched in any browser without installing any additional clients.

About game

Golden Rush is a rather unusual fantasy MOBA for four teams. Become one of the legendary heroes who fight against monsters, dragons and other adventurers for the treasures of the Golden Lands.

There are no lines, creeps or nexus here. Wealth is your only goal. You are to slay monsters, and seize their chests brimming with gold. Become invisible, steal treasure from other teams, defend your own gold, and triumph in this dynamic fantasy PvP game. Four teams make the situation on the map unpredictable. Victory, seemingly so close, may slip away in a mere moment. Golden Rush is no place to relax – it's a treasure hunt that you must carry out till the very end!

Here's what else awaits you in the game:

  • Level up your hero after choosing one of six basic classes, from seductive witch to furious barbarian.
  • Experiment with unique tactics to achieve victory in this new MOBA that is different from all others.
  • Slay hundreds of monsters, defeat bosses, and transform into a Bone Dragon that can toss enemy heroes around as if they were little rag dolls.
  • Collect artifacts looted from monsters and assemble unique armour sets.
  • Participate in rating battles and monthly tournaments.
  • Organize well-coordinated teams of friends and fight against experienced opponents.