Colonize space

The final frontier for mankind

StarColony is a tactical browser-based MMORTS set in outer space. Its gameplay involves establishing and developing colonies, seizing enemy bases, and interacting with other colonizers within clans. Players are expected to fight other colonizers, and use the troops of two alien races to help them reach their goals. The strategy stands out for its structure of base building and defense, while the strength of your army depends directly on research, resource acquisition, and construction within the colony. The game also features traditional elements of city building, as well as PVP and PVE.

About game

At the very beginning of your quest, all you have is a handful of faithful units and a patch of land on planet Terra Sperata. In order to survive natural selection and climb to the top of the food chain, you will need to turn your tiny settlement into a powerful military base. There, you will mine resources required for further expansion. You will also defend your base against attacks from other colonizers and hostile aliens. You will use it as a platform for pillaging your neighbors. This sci-fi game featuring Bugs, Ancients and walking robots, explores a new and fresh kind of gameplay. Besiege other players and fend off their attacks! And always discover something new!

Mankind’s cradle has been demolished... A series of wars for resources has destroyed the once prosperous planet Earth. Those who survived, left the solar system on their space ships and became space nomads. They roamed for many years before finally finding a new home — a new planet that appeared suitable for hosting life. They gave it the name “Terra Sperata”, the Land of Hope.

However, old conflicts arose in the new world. The colonizers began fighting for power and resources. To make things worse, external enemies also joined the fray! The Swarm civilization and the Ancient race, old rivals from the Tau Kita system, turned their anger towards the human colonizers.