Rule wise and lead your people toward the prosperity!

The city needs a ruler

About game

My Lands is a multiplayer browser strategy game. The gameplay is based on a deadly feud between the forces of darkness and light in a vast fantasy world. The game mechanics ensure active interaction between players, joint economic development, and teaming up in clans and alliances. Active resource trade, development of cities and armies, tournaments, and battles over Black Gems, attract thousands of players online worldwide each and every day.

In an era when "darkness" and "light" coexist peacefully, the Black Gems, a previously unknown source of power have been discovered..The balance of strength has been disrupted as everyone tries to seize control over the production of Black Gems. The Great Empire has collapsed and an internecine war has broken out. The inhabitants of your City have chosen you as their ruler and have given you absolute authority. Found new cities, study sciences, construct and upgrade buildings, train troops, hire Heroes, trade at the Market, explore lands searching for abandoned domains of unknown ancient civilisation, including Ruins, Pits, Salt Lakes, and Mines, defeat Monsters, seize Outer Domains from other players, spy on your enemies, fight for villages adjacent to cities, destroy enemy buildings and repair your own, unite with other rulers to confront enemies, and remember that fragile peace is always better than murderous war.