Age of Musketeers - a beautiful online city builder set in the times of the Musketeers. 15 Oct 2017

If you're tired of sinister worlds, of fierce confrontations with other players, of defending the resources you've won from prowlers, then we'd like to welcome you to the Age of Musketeers! Here you can take your mind off the drabness and gloominess of the surrounding world and immerse yourself in the construction of a beautiful town in a tranquil pastoral atmosphere. The picturesque houses will remind you of France during the times of Louis XIII. The familiar characters will make you remember a beloved story, and the world around will provide you with a wide variety of opportunities for exploring and communicating with the other players. And don't worry, your achievements are safe! In Age Of Musketeers, players don't fight; instead, they help one another! You will visit the cities of other players and leave gifts in their palace. You can also help their builders finish their job faster. In Age Of Musketeers, players can communicate and trade with each other. And if you still want to hear the sound of swords and muskets, you can always go out to liberate the surrounding territories from the oppression of the monsters by collecting a squad of musketeers and guardsmen under the lead of D'Artagnan or Rochefort! But, if you don't enjoy fighting, don’t worry. The monsters here are very avid, so you can always strike a good deal with them!

In short, if you're tired of the drabness of the cruel world surrounding you, you can immerse yourself in the idyllic world of Age Of Musketeers, and indulge your creative potential by building the most beautiful town in the realm! 

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Age of Musketeers - a beautiful online city builder set in the times of the Musketeers. 15 Oct 2017

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