Getting ready to conduct the ICOs for Selfie GO and Clash & GO 18 Apr 2018

Elyland, being a part of the holding company Topgames, provides partnership assistance to the Topgames company in conducting ICOs.

This spring, Selfie GO and Clash & GO - applications that combine elements of augmented reality and crypto-currency services - will be presented at conferences all around the world - in Dubai, Singapore, Los Angeles, Tokyo and other cities.

Selfie GO is a social network with augmented reality elements and crypto-currency services. The application will help its users to create new sustainable social relationships and conduct their own ICOs in few clicks. Active users of the social network will benefit from the product advertising revenue-sharing, and small businesses and charitable projects will be able to raise funds for the realization of their ideas!

Clash & GO is a mobile game that uses blocking technology and combines several genres: a geolocation game with elements of augmented reality and a city-builder with real-time battles. Thanks to the use of augmented reality and blockchain technology, players will get a strategy game with an open game world, which can also be modified by the players themselves.

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